ACF2 Series Double Adjustable Threaded Shock


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ACF2 Series Double Adjustable Threaded Shock

ACF2 Series Double Adjustable Threaded Shock Item #: ACF25310-14

Shock Stroke Length
Shock Compression Valving Ranges
Shock Rebound Valving
Keeping the drive to stay on top of the shock world, the engineers at PRO Shocks have designed a double rebound adjustable shock. The new A2/ACF2 Series offers independent high and low speed adjustability. By having a low speed adjuster through the rod end, the user is given the ability to make easier and faster valve changes. By separating the high and low speed in the system, the A2/ACF2 shock gives multiple rebound valving options while maintaining little to no hysteresis. With the adjustment range in the shock, the racer is able to fine-tune their car to maximum speed. Each shock will come serial numbered and dyno tested to ensure optimum performance and driver feel. Call PRO Shocks to get the specific valving for your racing application.

  • Independent high and low speed rebound adjustability.
  • Large range of rebound options with little to no hysteresis.
  • 32 clicks of low speed adjustment and 40 clicks of high speed adjustment for ultimate tuning.
  • New steel billet piston design for internal sealing and endurance.
  • Fluid recirculation system to balance internal pressures and give the ultimate in driver feel.

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