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Aluminum Shock Small Body Threaded Twin Tube ASB Series Item #: ASB446B

Aluminum Shock Small Body Threaded Twin Tube  ASB Series
Shock Stroke Length
Shock Compression Valving Ranges
Shock Rebound Valving
Through on-track testing and in-house dyno evaluation, this entire product line has been treated to improvements. From the smooth body and threaded body, non-adjustable version, PRO Twin Tube Shocks are carefully hand-built, serial numbered and dyno tested. Each aluminum PRO Twin Tube Shock comes with a serial numbered dyno graph.
The valving of the small body series has the same quality damping curves as the proven non-adjustable big body series. PRO Shocks carries all of the popular valving combinations and custom valving options are available. Call PRO Shocks for details.
• Provides superior driver feel for ultimate traction.
• Rebuildable and revalvable.
• Hand-built, one at a time.
• Dyno sheets included with every shock.
• Bearings, travel indicator, and jam nut included.

California Proposition 65 Statement

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