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ACF3 Series Triple Adjustable Threaded Shock Item #: ACF3559/1014

ACF3 Series Triple Adjustable Threaded Shock
Shock Stroke Length
Shock Compression Valving Ranges
Shock Rebound Valving


Incorporating the newest technology developed in our A2/ACF2 Series Double Rebound Adjustable Shock, the engineers at PRO Shocks created a triple adjustable racing shock. The new A3/ACF3 Series is a single compression double rebound adjustable shock. This shock gives you one more level on the competition to fine-tune your car for maximum speed. Using fluid recirculation, this shock has the ability to allow a wide range of adjustment while keeping hysteresis low, giving the ultimate in driver feel. Call PRO Shocks to get the specific valving for your racing application.
• Single compression adjustable and double rebound adjustable.
• 32 clicks of low speed rebound adjustment and 40 clicks of high speed rebound adjustment for ultimate tuning.
• Fluid recirculation system to balance internal pressures and give the ultimate in driver feel.
• Extremely low hysteresis with a wide adjustment range.

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