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4-way Adjustable Threaded Shock

4-way Adjustable Threaded Shock Item #: ACF4


The engineers at PRO Shocks designed the new 4-way series with performance and function in mind. The shock features the same traction enhancing technology found in all PRO Shocks, but is fully high and low speed adjustable on both compression and rebound. Consistency is enhanced by the recirculating, single circuit valve design. Unlike other adjustable shocks, the hysteresis is minimized and remains low regardless of the adjustment position or range. This allows a wide adjustment range without sacrificing performance. The shock is designed to fit many existing applications. The compressed and extended lengths are in line with industry standards and the adjustable eyelet and canister position allows for maximum mounting clearance. This series is ideal for sprint cars and pavement late models.

  • Fully independent high and low speed adjustments for both compression and rebound.
  • All adjustments affect the pressure drop across the main piston, eliminating the need for a base valve.
  • Single-circuit, recirculating design allows for large adjustment range with extremely low hysteresis.
  • Solid main piston allows for reduced gas charge pressure without the risk of cavitation.
  • Nitrogen bladder design enhances response and reduces stiction-induced hysteresis.
  • Universal mounting design has 32 different options.
  • 8 position, indexable gas canister.
  • 4 position, indexable body eyelet.
  • Compact - compressed and extended lengths comparable to most standard shock lengths on the market. Custom tuning to meet the racer’s needs.

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