Boonville, Ind. - PRO Shocks is proud to announce new valve bodies for its Rebound and Double Adjustable shock lines. The new rebound ranges include 3-8, 6-11, and 5-14. The new valve bodies have been tested and validated with multiple racers in the field, including Rob Chaney, Travis Philo, Chris Andrews, Kolt Walker, Caleb Griffith, Brandon Wimmer, Paige Polyak, Danny Dietrich, Lance Dewease, Billy Dietrich, Curt Stroup, Kyle Moody and Logan Wagner.

A & AC Series Single Adjustables - $339.99 

A & AC Series Double Adjustables - $519.99 

Late Model, Open Wheel, Modified

  • Widest range of shock adjustment available on the market.
  • Detent system promotes a positive adjustment feel and provides better repeatability when setting shocks at the track.
  • The 2 piece valve body improves serviceability of seals and reliability of internal components.
  • A proven, no-leak sealing system.

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